Executive Director - Marcel A. Gahbauer

Marcel is responsible for developing MRF, taking the lead in establishing and maintaining partnerships with conservation agencies and other research partners, and building strong relationships with sponsors.  In addition, he manages MRF's research program and ensures that MRF's activities are communicated to both the scientific community and the general public.  Once projects of merit have been identified, Marcel generates research proposals in collaboration with MRF's Project Manager and any relevant outside partners and is often involved in the resulting field work.  He also prepares or oversees all scientific publications produced by the foundation.  Marcel graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours B.Sc. degree in ecology and subsequently worked for several years establishing and conducting hands-on field research and public education with a groundbreaking satellite telemetry research project on Peregrine Falcons.  He has recently completed his PhD thesis on Peregrine Falcons in the wildlife biology program at McGill University. 

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