The Migration Research Foundation focuses on receiving project specific funding, and efforts are made to secure financial support in the regions where they are conducted.  For projects of particular significance to conservation (i.e. critically endangered species and habitats), MRF seeks regional, national, or international support to supplement local funding.  Telemetry units and data retrieval are very costly, and it is critical to secure the support of all interested parties.

MRF ensures that its projects are managed efficiently, and administrative work is almost entirely undertaken on a volunteer basis.  MRF is committed to focusing the vast majority of its financial and human resources toward the development, implementation, and completion of scientific research projects.  All profits derived from tracking contracts for third-party organizations will be directed towards the foundationís operating costs. 


MRF is recognized as a Canadian registered charity (#89916 3505 RR0001) with the Canadian Customs Revenue Agency.  Donations of any amount are always welcome, whether in support of a specific project, or of MRF activities in general, and we can issue tax receipts in either case.  Please visit our How You Can Help section for further details.

MRF utilizes five (5) primary sources of funding:

(1) Governments:

Governments are faced with needing to publicly and professionally resolve controversial wildlife issues.  By involving a third-party, they show they are handling the situation in an objective and non-political manner.  Governments realize that properly done research is expensive and designate funds each year for such work.  MRF has developed relationships with a number of government departments in various jurisdictions, and actively searches out programs that will enable the foundation to obtain long-term funding and expand the its reputation for high quality scientific work. 

(2) Corporations:

Contributions are an effective public relations tool, as they demonstrate the corporationís active participation in environmental protection and giving back to the communities in which they operate.  The general public is increasingly focused on this corporate community responsibility.  Corporations can feel secure that funds donated to MRF will be used for sound scientific research without emotional or political bias. 

(3) Public and Private Foundations:

There are numerous foundations that sponsor conservation research via funds dedicated to individual projects.  Such organizations are important for the support of specific research proposals developed by MRF.  For projects conducted in partnership with other organizations, MRF can arrange for joint fundraising campaigns, as projects with two lead partners have greater potential for securing the necessary financial support. 

(4) Creative Fundraising Campaigns:

The directors will develop creative fundraising campaigns to establish new partners and promote continued support from current sponsors.  An example of such a campaign is entering into a partnership with regional wineries to obtain royalties off the sale of specially labeled wine.   If you have ideas that pertain to this type of joint-venture, please contact Treasurer Leslie Hunt.

(5) Individual Donors:

The private sector is an important source of funding for MRF.  If you would like to contribute, please visit our How You Can Help section to make a donation.  Your financial commitment is greatly appreciated, and fully tax-deductible under the applicable laws of Canada and The United States.  Unfortunately, at this time we are only able to accept donations in US or Canadian dollars.

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