The Migration Research Foundation aims to: 

  • Conduct sound scientific research on wildlife populations and their movements using banding, telemetry and other tracking methods.  

  • Prioritize research on species with conservation or management need.  

  • Actively test and utilize new technological and scientific advances in migration monitoring as they become available.  

MRF uses a variety of methods to research questions of importance to the conservation community.  The primary focus is on issues related to migration, defined generally as the movement of animals from one area to another.  However, MRF pursues a broad approach to such research, taking advantage of opportunities to expand studies into other areas of relevance.  For example, fitting animals with transmitters or bands/tags provides an opportunity to collect blood and/or tissue samples for genetic and/or toxicological analysis, while tracking their movements can also provide data on habitat usage.  Integrating such research generates more comprehensive and cost-effective results than pursuing questions independently.

Animal welfare is a serious and occasionally contentious issue.  MRF’s strict policy is to ensure that safe and proper care of animals is the top priority in all studies.  This is achieved by developing projects in consultation with other experienced researchers, by ensuring that field staff are properly trained and supervised in all techniques, and submitting protocols for approval by animal care committees.

MRF prioritizes projects that provide critical information on species at risk, or which have direct application to conservation and wildlife management concerns.  However, consideration is given to studies of scientific value on any species.  In some cases, MRF works in close partnership with other agencies to address large-scale research issues through the effective use of combined resources.  For projects that MRF pursues independently, the foundation supports the scientific community through the publication and open discussion of results. MRF maintains regular communication with researchers who are investigating ways of extending the current limits of telemetry and other tracking methods.  Assisting with the development and testing of new techniques allows MRF to maintain a leading role in wildlife migration research. 


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