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MBO has been banding Northern Saw-whet Owls since 2004.  In 2009 effort was expanded and the number of owls banded jumped from an average of 16 in previous years to 76!  However, we can only maintain that level of monitoring in future years if we raise sufficient funds to operate a full-time program during owl migration.

As a fundraising effort for this program, we are offering an opportunity to "adopt" individual owls.  For each adoption we will issue a personalized 8.5" x 11" certificate including your name (or if you prefer to make the adoption a gift, you can specify a different name), and a photo of "your" owl, plus details such as its age, sex, and weight, and the date and time of its capture.  Additionally, we will provide any updates that we receive if the owl is subsequently reported elsewhere (as has already been the case for two of the owls banded in 2009, later recaptured in New York and Virginia).

If you are participating in the owl banding program as a volunteer, you may choose the particular owl you wish to adopt, and in most cases will be given an opportunity to release it after banding.  Otherwise we will randomly select from among the owls we have recently banded to fulfill all other adoption requests. 

To adopt an owl, please click here to access our application form, and either bring it to MBO if you are volunteering, or mail it to the address on the form.

Thank you for your support of MBO's owl migration monitoring program!

Sample certificate (reduced size):

2002- The Migration Research Foundation Inc.