June 6, 2005:  Back outside on the nest ledge, these two siblings (female on the left, male on the right) huddle together and scream for attention.  At this age their legs are just barely full grown, but not yet at full strength, so they often sit with their feet comically projecting out in front of them, as the female is doing in this case.  From a practical perspective, we can safely band them at this age as the leg diameter has reached its maximum, but the muscle strength in their legs isn't yet developed enough for them to have much of a grip should they grasp us with their feet in the course of handling.  (Photo by Marcel Gahbauer)

Note (May 25, 2009):  We have learned that the female on the left (black band 74K partly showing) was spotted early this spring at the St-Louis-de-Gonzague bridge southwest of Montreal, where peregrines have been nesting in recent years.


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