Rochester telemetry project 2004 - project supporters

The tracking of Hafoc, a juvenile male peregrine falcon, by satellite telemetry was made possible through the generous contributions of the many donors listed below.  Thank you all for your support of our "Tracking the Urban Peregrine Falcon" project.  We also gratefully acknowledge the support of our project partners (Eastman Kodak, Genesee Valley Audubon Society, and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation), who have all contributed significantly to this effort.

Eyas level donors ($25 - $49):

Janet Albright Ruth Kinsey Eloise C. Puls
David & Valerie Arnett Patricia E. Lynch Carolyn K. Ragan
Scott Ballard Sue McCreadie Michael Reed
David Boutwell Mary E. McElroy Margaret Rogers
Louis & Bernise Boutwell Chita & Bob McKinney Arthur Rosenbloom
Sally Broadbent Mary Ann Miluski Joseph & Lynda Rousseau
Lynda Engeman (lynda0911) Ontario Elementary School (Teacher: S. Karpp) Muriel L. Shaw
Patricia A Gilligan PamTinRestonVA Robin Stymacks
Teresa Goss Judith C. Parker Jan Turiel
Rosemary Grimes Pat Parslow Debbie Youngman
Judi Harris Helga Peck George and Donna Zintak
Anne Horn Lynette Perkins one anonymous donor


Fledgling level donors ($50 - $99):

Lawrence P. Bruce Lynne Heroux from N.H. James and Faye Pisello
Grace Clark Patrick M. Jeffries Ursula W. Reiners & Ann D. Weintraub
Jayne Day James D. Lyle Pat Robertson
Jennifer Donahue Karen Malburne St. Charles Borromeo School (Teacher: Liza Otto)
Donna M. Gridley Judith L. McPhail Susie Bilak Szczepanski
Elise Haralson Carol one anonymous donor


Tiercel level donors ($100 - $249):

Kendra Armer Alison Laffra Gail Rosenzweig
Patti Bell & Jeane Hanley Jane Levatino SENH Mim
Tim & Renee Bell Lisa McKeown Becky & Dan Stanton
Susan J Crawford Hannah Money, London UK Hans Strasser
Mary Freeman Dove Kathy Olney Gerald Tucker
Carol M. Furnee Melanie Parenti Judith Waldock
Kathy Guchone Carol Phillips Marion Weeks
Paul Hamilton Jim and Dr. Dawn Pisello Karyn Faye West
Patti Hess Barbara Pyter Nora B. Wilcox
Thomas Hoehn Rebecca Ring Paul & Suzette Wood
Richard C. Holbert Diana Robinson two anonymous donors
Sally Kuehl Roberta Rodimer  


Falcon level donors ($250+):

Lola Brocksen K.L. Hersam Sally Perry
Christ the King School 4th and 5th Graders (Teacher/Coordinator: Sandra Thorpe) Elaine Kampmueller Karen Reuter
Christine Decastro Terre Mercier Janet M. Sinnicks
Virginia (Ginha) Dorn Dana Mulhern Baerbel Winkler
Earl Fleming (in memory of Ruth Fleming) Caroline K. Nelson Dianne Whittington


Friends of the project:

Pam and Brad Benzing Carole Engeman Lois Yattaw two anonymous donors

2002- The Migration Research Foundation Inc.