Telemetry data

In 2007, MRF tracked a female Short-eared Owl from Saskatchewan using satellite telemetry - click here for the complete set of reports.  Only a few other individuals have been studied in this manner previously - two from Alberta, and two from New York.  Pete Nye of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's Endangered Species Unit has kindly shared with us the results of his studies (see maps below).  Interestingly both individuals were trapped in eastern New York in late winter and tracked to Labrador in spring/summer.

Map showing all known locations of the Short-eared Owl tracked in spring 2006; note that very few data points
were received from the transmitter over a period of several months (map provided by Pete Nye).

Map showing the movements of a Short-eared Owl banded and fitted with a transmitter in eastern New York
in March 2007, and tracked for two months to western Labrador (map provided by Pete Nye)


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