Below are links to some of the many other organizations engaged in wildlife research and conservation.  Please feel free to e-mail us to recommend additions to this list.

American Bird Conservancy
A not-for-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of wild birds and their habitats in the Americas, working in collaboration with conservation groups, researchers, and members of the public.

Bird Studies Canada  
An organization dedicated to the research and conservation of wild bird and their habitats; many programs are featured on the website.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Primarily concerned with research on the causes and consequences of the distribution and abundance of North American birds, but also featuring a wide range of information on other issues related to biodiversity and conservation.

HawkWatch International
A research, education and conservation based non-profit organization headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, with a mission of monitoring and protecting hawks, eagles, and other birds of prey and their environment through research, education, and conservation. 

National Audubon Society
Dedicated to protecting birds and other wildlife and the habitat that supports them through a national network of community-based chapters, education programs, and advocacy.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds    
Europe's largest wildlife conservation charity, with more than a million members, RSPB features information on birds, conservation, and more on their website.

The International Osprey Foundation    
An organization dedicated to promoting the recovery of the osprey and other raptors, featuring information on current research and nesting platforms, as well as photos.

The Peregrine Fund
The website of the Peregrine Fund and the World Center for Birds of Prey, featuring extensive information on a variety of research and conservation programs around the world.

The Raptor Center
Located at the University of Minnesota, the Raptor Center is an international medical facility for birds of prey.  Information on the website includes scientific research, news on legislation, and much more.

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