The websites listed below provide a variety of useful references, ranging from identification tips to directories of published scientific articles, to catalogues of interesting websites, and much more.  If you know of any other sites which fit this description, please e-mail us with their addresses.

A service of Library and Archives Canada, offering the ability to search over 30 million titles in 1300 reference institutions across Canada.

Biology and Conservation of Owls
An archive by the United States Department of Agriculture of the papers presented at the second international owl symposium in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1997.

Bird Links to the World  
A collection of over 13,000 bird-related links, sorted into a myriad of categories for easy searching.

Bird Links to the World - Canada  
A subset of the Bird Links to the World website, featuring bird and conservation-related sites across Canada.

Birds of Prey page of links  
A compilation of 60+ links to pages providing information on raptors, ranging from species accounts and photos to rehabilitation centres, observatories, falconry, and more.
An extensive resource provided by the National Wildlife Federation, including online field guides for animals and plants of all kinds, plus information on parks, habitats, and more.

Environmental News Network    
A news site updated daily with articles covering a variety of environmentally related issues; archives are searchable.    
A resource dedicated to providing information to those interested in pursuing a career in forestry, including links to a wide variety of conservation, silviculture, national/state park, forestry business, and other relevant websites.

Handbook of field methods for monitoring landbirds
A product of the United States Department of Agriculture which summarizes recommendations on survey methods in various habitats, including advice on selecting techniques to accurately determine population size and trends.

NatureServe Explorer: an online encyclopedia of life
A source of detailed information on more than 70,000 plants, animals, and ecosystems of the United States and Canada, with particularly extensive coverage of rare and endangered species.

North American Bird Banding Program - USGS Patuxent Bird Banding Lab
A comprehensive website detailing all aspects of banding, ranging from history to methodology to resources for banders.

Ontario Environmental Directory
The Ontario Environmental Directory is a comprehensive, searchable directory of hundreds of environmental groups, organizations, agencies, and websites across Ontario.

Ontario Field Ornithologists
The OFO website provides an overview of ornithology in Ontario, including an annotated list of species at risk, information on protective legislation, photos, publications, and more.   
A site providing information on a variety of aspects of ornithology, of interest to everyone from amateurs to professional ornithologists.

OWL (Ornithological Worldwide Literature)
A searchable database of citations and abstracts from ornithological literature around the world, including 'grey' literature overlooked in many commercial databases, such as conference proceedings, reports, and dissertations.  
A thorough resource for information on the owls of North and Central America, with text, photos, and even sounds for many species.

Project Owlnet
Dedicated to owl conservation through encouraging, facilitating, and coordinating the monitoring of owl population trends by mist netting and banding migrant owls; includes useful references for banders.

Raptor Information System   
A searchable electonic catalogue of over 40,000 references concerning the biology and management of birds of prey.

Raptor Research Project   
Information on Peregrine Falcons and a variety of other raptors.  Features include webcams, photo galleries, and references on topics such as building nest boxes. 

SORA (Searchable Ornithological Research Archive)
An open access electronic journal archive offering pdf files of most articles published in several major ornithological journals since their inception, including The Auk, The Condor, Journal of Field Ornithology, Wilson Bulletin, Pacific Coast Avifauna, Studies in Avian Biology, and North American Bird Bander. 

The Owl Pages   
A compilation of links to sites featuring information about owls.


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