On this page, MRF gratefully acknowledges the contributions of all who have provided funding for the operation of the Migration Research Foundation.

The Migration Research Foundation gratefully acknowledges those that made memorial donations in honor of the life of Louis E. Boutwell, as well as the Boutwell family for designating MRF as the beneficiary of such contributions.

Alice A. Barbarito
Edward and Joanne Beach
Tom and Mary Ann Boever
Dominic and Cherie Campagna
Joan and Larry Clow
Amy and Dennis Drescher
Ann and Pat Driscoll
PJ Driscoll
Kevin and Marie Duhamel
Cheryl and John Freer
Dennis R. Gent
Ginna Station Employees
Bill and Janet Goodman
Fred and Mary Harrington
Henry and Judy Harrison
The Highland Park Conservancy
Raymond B. Junot
Cheryl A. Magin
Amanda Driscoll-Mathers and Scott Mathers
Charles and Jane Platt
Carl Puehn
Charles and Eloise Puls
Sabin Metal Corporation Employees
Richard H. Roomian
R. Judson Sloman
Gerald and Jane Wahl
Edward and Barbara Walter




Joan Boardman of Ontario, Louis & Bernise Boutwell of New York, and Elaine Kampmueller of Michigan for donations to support operational expenses.

Nora Wilcox of the US, for donating a Kodak EasyShare DX6490 digital camera with 10x optical zoom and camera dock, for use in documenting MRF projects.




2002- The Migration Research Foundation Inc.