The Migration Research Foundation (MRF) is an incorporated not-for-profit organization with full charitable status in Canada.  The headquarters are in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, near our flagship project, McGill Bird Observatory.  Mailing addresses can be found under Contact Information

Understanding the year-round distribution, habitat needs and migratory patterns of species is critical for planning wildlife conservation, yet for many species such knowledge is incomplete.  MRF primarily studies migration though traditional methods such as banding/tagging of individuals, but also uses more technologically advanced techniques like satellite and radio telemetry and stable isotope analysis, as well as observational studies.  As new technology becomes available and current telemetry options are improved, MRF will incorporate such advances into its project scope and design. 

MRF is committed to:

  • Expanding upon current knowledge and seeking new avenues of research to ensure a responsible and proactive role in wildlife monitoring.  All species will be considered and the most appropriate methods will be implemented based on the species and their ecosystem. 

  • Selecting research projects based on the evaluation of conservation research needs.  The results of data collection and subsequent analysis will be used in support of the scientific community, especially those engaged in species conservation and management.  

  • Performing research projects that study the ecosystem in which a species resides; studies of this size generally require the participation of one or more outside conservation-minded organizations.

  • Actively seeking out partnerships with governments, private conservation organizations and wildlife agencies to create collaborative projects.   Such partnerships enable large-scale long-term monitoring projects, and endeavors of this type provide the largest quantity of data for use by conservation organizations and governments. 

  • Being involved in at least two projects per year, addressing areas where data are significantly lacking; additional smaller projects will round out MRF's focus.  As the organization grows and is able to add more research professionals, large concurrent projects will be undertaken.

  • Operating under the highest ethical standards and conducting its business activities in an appropriate arms-length manner.

2002- The Migration Research Foundation Inc.