Help support MRF programs and bird conservation initiatives
across Canada by making a pledge for this May's Birdathon!
E-mail us now with your pledge (details below) and click here
to review highlights from past years dating back to 2005.

The annual Birdathon is MRF's single most important fundraiser - please help us meet this year's budget in one of the following ways:

1) Join us for our official MRF Birdathon Day - Saturday May 22 (rain date Saturday May 23).  For the third year in a row our Birdathon will be an entirely "green" endeavour, in that once everyone gathers at McGill Bird Observatory, all the birding will be done on foot (or perhaps in part by bike ... details to be worked out among participants). Last year an impressive 83 species were seen by the Birdathon team over the course of the day, and the year before we managed to find 98, so this year the goal will be to try to reach 100!  The plan will again be to start at MBO, move on through the Morgan Arboretum, and then possibly continue on to other nearby areas such as Bois-de-la-roche. We are certain to have some memorable sightings as always!  Experts and beginners are equally welcome - late May is a great opportunity to learn birds for the first time, or to brush up on the songs and plumage of species that are just arriving back after 8 or 9 months away!  Click here to see some of the fun highlights from past years.  If you are interested in participating, please sign up at so that we can keep you updated on the itinerary as it develops.  Please also register with Bird Studies Canada using the instructions under section 3 below.

2) Do your own Birdathon any time in May.  If you can't join us for our designated Birdathon Day, or would simply prefer to do the Birdathon independently, you can do it anywhere in the world, during any 24-hour period in May.  Just as importantly, there are no obligations in terms of effort - if you want to go all-out and maximize the number of species you can find, that's great ... but if you would rather just relax in your backyard and count the birds you see from there, that's just as good. All you need to do is tell your sponsors about your plan, and fundraise accordingly (e.g. a pledge of 25 cents per species is quite generous if you're traveling around to accumulate a big list, but less so if you're only expecting to see a dozen species from home).

3) Register with Bird Studies Canada by following the instructions below, then begin asking friends and family for pledges in support of your Birdathon, either on a flat-rate or per-species basis (see section 3 below for important information to pass on to them).  Bird Studies Canada will mail you a participant's kit with further instructions, along with an official Birdathon t-shirt (free, just select your size when registering).

     a) Access the registration form at
     b) Fill in your personal information in the top section
     c) To support MRF, check off the box marked "I want to direct some of the money I raised to another conservation organization", and fill in:
               Club/organization name:  Migration Research Foundation
               Address:  P.O. Box 82, Succ. Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue
               City:  Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue                    Province:  Quebec
               Postal code:  H9X 3L4                             Executive Director:  Marcel Gahbauer 

Note - Bird Studies Canada is offering some great incentives for participants.  All participants raising at least $250 are entered in a draw for an all-inclusive guided tour of the winner's choice (among Mexico, Costa Rica, and New Brunswick).  Other prizes include a spotting scope, binoculars, and various birding software, feeders, and books - and for all of these, participants get an extra entry for every additional $250 raised!

4) Sponsor the MRF Birdathon.  You don't have to go out in search of birds to help with the MRF Birdathon effort - your support of it as a sponsor would also be greatly appreciated!  Some past sponsors have been incredibly generous, but any amount at all is most welcome, since we know from experience that many smaller donations quickly add up to a substantial sum.  Note that income tax receipts will be sent automatically for all donations of $10 or greater, and that sponsors contributing at least $35 will for the next year receive quarterly issues of Bird Studies Canada's excellent publication, BirdWatch Canada.

If you would like to pledge a flat rate amount, you can do so online at by credit card, or by mailing a cheque (payable to Bird Studies Canada) to the Migration Research Foundation at the address under 3c above.  Alternatively, if you'd like to give us a bit more of a challenge by pledging on a per-species basis, you can e-mail us with the amount at and we'll get back to you with the total after the MRF Birdathon.  Either way, we will provide all sponsors with a report on our Birdathon experiences.



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