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Affiliations and partnerships:
McGill Bird Observatory is operated by the Migration Research Foundation, with some logistical support from the Avian Science and Conservation Centre at McGill University.  MBO is a member of the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network, and a participant in Project Owlnet, a collaborative research effort involving over 80 Saw-whet Owl banding stations across North America.  Members of MBO actively share and receive news about banding and related research through the Sawwhetnet, Birdband, ID Frontiers, and Canadian Migration Monitoring Network e-mail discussion groups.  Active banders at the station are also encouraged to join the Eastern Bird Banding Association and/or the Association of Field Ornithologists, and to attend the meetings of these organizations to learn about current research in banding and/or to present results from work conducted at McGill Bird Observatory.

Organizational structure:

MBO Director - Gay Gruner
Responsible for overseeing all MBO programs, including research, fundraising, and publicity.

MBO Coordinator - Simon Duval
Responsible for overseeing all activities at MBO, including banding, training, and volunteer coordination.  

Master Permit Holder - Marcel Gahbauer
Responsible for overseeing banding activities and data management.

Banders-in-Charge - Barbara Frei, Marie-Anne Hudson
Responsible for direct supervision of volunteers and data entry/analysis.

Assistant Bander-in-Charge (owling) - Kristen Keyes
Banding permit holder capable of banding independently and supervising other volunteers.

Committee - Sarah Marteinson, Kristen Keyes
Responsible for assistance with fundraising and organizational matters, in addition to helping with on-site activities.

Volunteers - 90 and growing!
Responsible for a wide variety of tasks, depending on experience and training - see volunteers section for details.


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