This section is meant to serve as a resource for all those working on or interested in Short-eared Owl research and conservation.  The Short-eared Owl can be a difficult species to study, and while techniques that are successful in one part of its range may not necessarily be as effective elsewhere, sharing tips should nonetheless reduce the learning curve for those with less experience, and may help in developing standardized approaches to habitat and population surveys.  We welcome all contributions, either as files (images, videos, text) to be posted in this section, or as links to other existing sites. Click on the links below to navigate:

Historical data Results gleaned from Short-eared Owl banding and recovery data
Telemetry data Maps and text describing satellite telemetry studies of Short-eared Owls
Survey protocols Standardized approaches to surveying Short-eared Owls and their habitat
Capture and banding Notes on the suitability of various techniques for Short-eared Owls
Links A collection of hyperlinks to other sites focusing on Short-eared Owls



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