Many MRF projects are inspired by and directed at conservation issues.  The sites below provide information on a wide variety of local, regional, and international conservation concerns.

BirdLife International  
BirdLife International and its partner organizations throughout the world protects birds and their habitats and promote conservation of the world's biological diversity and the sustainable use of the world's natural resources.

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
CPAWS is a member-driven conservation group focused on establishing new parks and ensuring that the protection of nature is a management priority.  Maintaining habitat links between wilderness areas is a key aim of the organization.

Green Coalition Verte
A group dedicated to protecting and restoring the natural environment in the Montreal area through education and action.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation  
The government agency responsible for monitoring and managing natural resources across New York state.  Information on their Peregrine Falcon work can be found by clicking on the subject index and scrolling down to select Peregrine Falcon. 

Ninepipes Centre for Wildlife Research and Education  
A centre in Montana dedicated to long-term ecological monitoring of a variety of owl species.

Ontario Nature
Formerly Federation of Ontario Naturalists (FON), Ontario Nature is dedicated to the protection of Ontario's nature through research, education, and conservation action, with the support of over one hundred member groups across Ontario.

Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group  
The SCPBRG was formed in 1975 to help save the peregrine falcon in California, and has since become a resource to biologists, industry, and university researchers looking for assistance with the management of raptors.  

The Union Québecoise de Réhabilitation des Oiseaux de Proie (UQROP) is a non-profit organization founded in 1987 working for the preservation of birds of prey and their natural habitat in Quebec.

VA Falcons | The Centre for Conservation Biology 
Information on Peregrine Falcon recovery efforts and satellite tracking research in the state of Virginia.


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