After a hiatus, MRF resumed banding Peregrine Falcon nestlings in the Montreal area this spring and summer.

MRF and partners are again using satellite telemetry to track the movements of a juvenile Peregrine Falcon from Rochester, New York, to learn more about the dispersal and migration patterns of young birds in the eastern population.  Click here for details on this project.  Meanwhile Peregrine Falcons nesting in the greater Montreal area are again being monitored and banded as part of the ongoing research on southern Quebec's urban population - click here for the latest news.

MRF, in association with the Genesee Valley Audubon Society, is tracking a juvenile Peregrine Falcon from Rochester, New York, using satellite telemetry.  Click here for details on this project.

Research on the Quebec population is also continuing, again focusing on monitoring the population in the greater Montreal area. See the 2003 report below for further details.

MRF concentrated its Peregrine Falcon work on the southern Quebec population.  This population is growing steadily, with at least 10 pairs active within a 50-kilometre radius of Montreal as of spring 2003.  However, it is less actively monitored than most other Peregrine Falcon populations in eastern Canada, and MRF aims to help fill in some of the information gaps to bring our knowledge of the birds in the area up to the level of adjacent jurisdictions.  Click here for details on this project.

Over the course of the breeding season, MRF banded young at accessible nest sites, using both a silver USFWS band and a black visual identification band in accordance with the international Peregrine Falcon protocol.  This will enable the future movements of these birds to be tracked more reliably, giving us a better understanding of the relationship of the Quebec population to others in the northeast.

In addition, MRF collected blood samples from all Peregrine Falcons handled, to support a cross-Canada genetics study being coordinated at Queen's University.  The overall aim of the project is to determine the genetic structure of the population, in comparison to the anatum population which was historically present.  MRF is also investigating the potential relationships between migratory tendencies and habitat selection with respect to the genetic history of individuals.

Questions regarding the Peregrine project should be addressed to MRF Research Director Marcel Gahbauer.

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