MRF is not actively involved in Peregrine Falcon field work this year, but is continuing to analyze a variety of data; reports are expected to be ready for publication in 2007.

Again MRF is participating in the monitoring of southern Quebec Peregrine Falcon nest sites and banding of young - see the notes from the field for updates over the course of the season, including photos.  Also, we are satellite tracking another juvenile Peregrine Falcon from Rochester, New York.

Monitoring of the Quebec population is continuing.  In addition, a satellite transmitter has been placed on a juvenile Peregrine Falcon in Rochester, New York.  Click here for transmitter reports.

MRF worked with Peregrine Falcons in Quebec, as documented in the notes from the field.  Six chicks were banded from two sites, and with the assistance of several volunteer observers, productivity was tracked at more than half a dozen nests in the greater Montreal area.  




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